Reaction to the series

The series has been welcomed by fans and critics alike and recently has had a special screening at the Melbourne Comedy festival.

“The best thing about this documentary is watching some early stand-up performances by famous names. These include Johnny Vegas encouraging his audience to throw coins at him while he sang”
Ian Wolf, Giggle Beats, 31st January 2012

“It’s a place where PR spin goes to die and where comics are forced to ditch their material to take on a crowd baying for blood in a way that simply wouldn’t be tolerated during a carefully-crafted Edinburgh hour. While the doors of Late’n’Live remain open, the spirit of the Fringe will remain alive”

“an interesting insight into one of comedy’s most notorious gigs”
Digital Fix Television

“This series has unusual insights into the craft and psyche of the stand up comedian. Comics talk about past gigs, but specifically at Edinburgh’s notorious Late’n’live, an out of control 1am bearpit where acts who show any weakness are trampled by drunken hecklers. All the normal skills of the trade are useless as the comic engages in a fight to the death with the audience. Cutely, the programme plays its interviewees footage of their moments and watches as they relive them”
Jack Seale, The Radio Times, Feb 2012 

“The greatest hits of the legendary Fringe bear-pit makes an appearance on TV”
Brian Donaldson, The List

 “It’s the toughest comedy gig around. Now the comics who played there and lived to tell the tale reveal their harrowing stories in a four-part documentary series”
Mark Fisher, The Scotsman