Late’n’Live Guide to Comedy : Introduction

Combining interviews with the stars who were there and exclusive, never seen before archive – filmed at the world’s most notorious late night comedy club, LATE’N’LIVE GUIDE TO COMEDY reveals what live stand up is really all about.

For a television audience raised by on-screen-fare like ‘Live at The Apollo’ and ‘The Michael MacIntyre Road show’, LATE’N’LIVE’S GUIDE TO COMEDY is a revelation.  To fans of live stand up it is riveting viewing – seeing and hearing for the first time how top stand-ups deal with the world’s most unpredictable audience

‘The whole culture of heckling is really disappearing – but not at Late’n’Live’

Funny, outrageous and more than a bit sweary, Late ‘n’ Live is the last stand of proper raw, live comedy – where anything can, and does happen because the audience are still very much in control.   The series explores what it’s really like to be a comic in a world where the crowd don’t sit neatly in rows, don’t obediently laugh and applaud in appropriate places.    With only 2 very brief exceptions, filmed archive of this extraordinary Comedy club has never been broadcast before.

This valuable treasure trove has captured unique moments that have become comedy folklore and amazing one-off nights featuring stand-up stars often doing breathtaking things before or after they were famous.   Fascinatingly, the comedy stars who performed there have never seen any of it before too – so in this series we filmed and share their reactions to it too.  It’s very revealing.

In 4 half hour episodes, Late’n’Live’s Guide To Comedy rips apart many a misconception.  Firstly, the idea that the city of Edinburgh is a terribly ‘proper’ place where audiences only ever – smile broadly, never let their hair down and are incapable of behaving badly – is turned on its head.

Reaction to the series