Since 1986, The Gilded Balloon has groomed and pruned the crème of the UKs’ comedy crop. Most notably renowned for producing its in-house late night comedy line-up show, Late ‘N’ Live, The Gilded Balloon has, quite literally, made comedy dreams come true.

Many a household name has cut their teeth on the Gilded Balloon stage, from Dylan Moran to Rhona Cameron, Tommy Tiernan to Peter Kay, Bill Bailey to Tim Minchin and the infamous Russell Brand ; the list of comedy pedigree is endless.

Karen Koren launched the event that was to become Late’n’Live 25 years ago. It was a show called Fluffy Girlies Have Night of Raw Sex with Oblivion Boy. Soon the improvised antics of the cast and the in-house band, Rowland Rivron’s Raw Sex, gained a reputation. A new band, whose leader had Ben Elton as a boyfriend, broadened the reputation further. Comics began to turn up to heckle other comics and the show got a new name. As the acts got bigger, the crowd became more rowdy – creating what would become known, at least among those who ran it, as Late’n’Live moments; when crowd and performers crash together, leaving only one side intact.