Episode 3 – Antics

Programme 3 showcases the classic, off-the-cuff, unscripted antics that only seem to happen in the wee small hours of this Scottish comedy club.   The stars of Late’n’Live reveal just how far they are prepared to go to entertain a late night drunken audience – and it’s pretty far. Archive highlights include a crowd surfing bicyle, a crowd surf race between JOHN BISHOP and PATRICK MONAHAN and the infamous night Scott Capurro, err, wet the stage.   Key contributors: RUSSELL HOWARD, JOHNNY VEGAS, ROSS NOBLE, DAVID O’DOHERTY, JIMMY CARR, GREG DAVIES.

‘I’m not entirely sure why I kissed Johnny Vegas’ – ADAM HILLS

‘One year…myself and Dave O’Doherty dressed in bubble wrap and we havd a fight in bubble wrap.’ – JASON BYRNE

‘And this lucky punter, didn’t just walk away with the bike, no no, he crowd surfed over the audience on the bike and the whole audience went for it.’ – STEPHEN K AMOS