Episode 1 – The Audience

In Programme 1 we introduce what makes this Late Night comedy club truly unique – the audience.  For 25 years, for the month of August, during Edinburgh Fringe, Late’n’Live has opened its doors at 1am each night and presented 3 acts, a compere and a comedy band to a very scary audience.   Consisting of largely locals, this audience let the acts know exactly what they think of them and have raised heckling to an art form.  Subsequently, it has earned the international reputation at the world’s toughest gig – a bear-pit where even the strongest acts have died horrible comedy deaths.  Key contributors in Episode 1 are: JOHNNY VEGAS, JENNY ÉCLAIR, DARA O’BRIAIN, RUSSELL BRAND, STEPHEN K AMOS, ED BYRNE, MARK WATSON.

The audience had the power. It wasn’t about the performer really. You kind of offered yourself up as a sacrificial goat and they just did what they wanted with you. – TOMMY TIERNAN

They had professional hecklers. Basically pro black belt hecklers that went in…and went right, you’ve only twenty seconds to win us over or we’re going to start bombarding you with stuff. – JASON BYRNE

You couldn’t go out there with a set theme and think you would ever get through that, that material to the end. ( You had to ..)be willing to ditch it and go with whatever the gig throws up, you know what I mean, ‘cause the gig, isn’t really bothered about some brilliant anecdote that you’ve written.  They just want to see how you react in the here and now. – JOHNNY VEGAS